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Harryoke is currently seeking a new venue for Fridays, and or Sundays.  I am open minded about location.  My value would be best in the Palm Coast/Flagler/Ormond corridor, but I am open minded to other areas in need of professional karaoke service.  My parameters are that the venue be NON SMOKING, have full liquor and preferably food, located in a safe area with convenient parking and handicap access, be big enough to accommodate a larger crowd, some area for dancing, and an entertainment budget to accommodate a 19 year veteran with over 5200 performances completed and a following

looking for a place to go. I am looking for the right venue to start a long term relationship.  My Sunday gig ended after a 9 year run (new owners/format) and my Friday gig is ending after a 12 year run (new owners).  It is rare that I have availability so I want to be sure to pick the correct place.  If you have any suggestions or input, feel free to call or email me, or message me at Facebook, and let me know.  THANKS!

NEWS REGARDING FRIDAYS: It is with a heavy heart and a tremendous level of disappointment that I make the following announcement. Friday karaoke shows with Harryoke at The Pub at Halifax Plantation WILL NOT continue into 2018. My New Years Eve soiree on 12/31/17 will be my final show there. The Pub and restaurant have been under new ownership since November 2017, and a new general manager took charge last week. They are making changes to get a grasp on things and determine the path they will take in the future to ensure their success. It has been said that this could be a TEMPORARY change, and that they may reinstate karaoke in the future. Regrettably, I do not have a timetable or commitment to work with in that regard, so I am moving forward. My history of shows there goes back to June 14, 2003 when I started my ballroom shows there, and then December 23, 2005 when I started working in the new Pub. I have been there non stop since then each Friday, and every New Years Eve since 2005. It has been my honor to serve you all there over these many years, and I will miss the venue very much. The co-workers there are very much family to me, with deep roots and bonds beyond a work relationship. My friends there were integral to my recovery after my horrible accident in 2004 that left me unable to work with a broken neck. I have an unwavering loyalty to the people there, and the management team that kept me there for so long.

I will be there each Friday this month EXCEPT for 12/29, the Friday before New Years Eve. I will be there New Years Eve, and that will be it. Come on out and sing one more for the road 12/15, and at the ugly sweater party 12/22.

I will actively begin looking to start at a new venue on either Sunday or Fridays. Whichever option is most attractive. I will need to pick up a day. If you have any suggestions or recommendations of a perfect place to do what I do, and for my following to visit, let me know and I will check it out. My requirements are: MUST be indoors, not outdoors, must be non smoking, must have liquor and food, family friendly OK, must be attractive to my following with nothing to really apologize for or complain about, and they must be able to meet my financial needs (IE, not looking for the cheapest guy or wanting me to meet his rate).

I am very sorry to be the bearer of this news, even sorrier to be the recipient. Change can be good I suppose, and I hope the new owners at HP have great success, as well as all of the workers there. I am keeping a good optimistic thought that every thing will work out fine, and that I will land in another venue where my friends and my followers can create new memories and experiences. It has been an exceptional run there, and for that, I thank you all. I could not do it without you. Your friendship and support allow me to continue to do what I do to serve you.

To the future...


May 2017, Harryoke successfully completed an audit of his karaoke library by Phoenix Entertainment Partners, and is certified to display Sound Choice and Chartbuster tracks at his show, from his computer. This is a fortunate accomplishment in an environment where many shows are removing Sound Choice and Chartbuster content from their shows to avoid lawsuits or costly licensing agreements. This audit and certificataion shows that Harryoke has proven to own an original disc for each track he plays from those companies, and is authorized by the companies to continue to play them from his computer.


MILESTONE UPDATE:  Mothers Day 2017 marked the 18th anniversary of the Harryoke show start of Harry's 19th year

providing services to the area.  On June 13th he celebrated his 5000th public performance!

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